Dutch Notary Services Request (English)

Notary Services Request Guide The Netherlands

Dutch notary request guide (english)

If you don’t speak Dutch it can be confusing to find the right notary services in the Netherlands.

Here’s a guide to help you find the right notary services for your query.

How to request Dutch Notary Services

You have two options:

(1) Our Personal Service

If you don’t have the time, you’re in a rush or you don’t (want to) understand the Dutch notary system, we can help you personally.

We will assist you find the best notary service at the lowest cost for your particular query.

We will contact a suitable Notary in the Netherlands on your behalf, including any questions you may have.
(we speak both Dutch and English fluently).

We will do all liaisons and negotiations on your behalf.  Of course we will keep in close contact with you to make sure everything is dealt with satisfactory.

If required we can visit you and/or visit the notary in question in person.


This is a paid service. We charge an hourly rate + expenses (if applicable).
This rate is excluding the charge for the notary service required.

If you are interested in this personal service, please contact us here >

(2) Do it yourself

The following steps describe how you can request the right notary service, including more information and a free quotation.

Understanding Notary Services in The Netherlands

First of all, you need to understand the most commonly requested notary services in the Netherlands.

On the left the Dutch (Nederlands) version, on the right the English translation.

Find the category your notary request below:

🇳🇱 Dutch (Nederlands) 🇬🇧 English
(testament, erfenis, huwelijk, scheiding etc)
Family matters
(will, inheritance, marriage, divorce, etc.)
Huis en Hypotheek
(including erfpacht, leveringsakte etc)
House and Mortgage
(including leasehold, deed of delivery etc)
Bedrijf en Stichting
(een bedrijf oprichten zoals een BV of NV, Stichting of Vereniging)
Company and Foundation
(setting up a company such as a BV or NV, Foundation or Association)
Testament 1 persoon Will for 1 person
Testament 2 personen (gelijkluidende-testamenten) Joint will for 2 persons
Levenstestament 1 persoon Living will for 1 person
Levenstestament 2 personen Living will for 2 persons
Verklaring van erfrecht Certificate of inheritance
Levenstestamenten + testamenten Living wills + wills
Samenlevingscontract Cohabitation agreement
Samenlevingscontract + 2 testamenten Cohabitation agreement + 2 wills
Geregistreerd partnerschap Registered partnership
Geregistreerd partnerschap + 2 testamenten Registered partnership + 2 wills
Huwelijkse voorwaarden Pre-nuptial agreement
Huwelijkse voorwaarden en + 2 testamenten Pre-nuptial agreement + 2 wills
Akte van verdeling Deed of distribution
Notariële volmacht Notarial power of attorney
Tweetrapstestament Cascading will
Schenking Gift
Testament wijzigen 1 persoon Amending will for 1 person
Testament wijzigen 2 personen Amending will for 2 persons
Herroeping testament Revocation of will
Legalisatie handtekening Notarial authentication of signature
Oprichting BV Establishment of private limited company
Statutenwijziging B.V. / N.V. Articles of association amendment for B.V. / N.V.
Oprichting stichting Establishment of foundation
Aandelenoverdracht Transfer of shares
Oprichting vereniging Establishment of association
Statutenwijziging stichting / vereniging Articles of association amendment for foundation / association
Afstempelen aandelenkapitaal Stamping down share capital
Hypotheek & leveringsakte Mortgage & deed of conveyance
Losse hypotheekakte Separate mortgage deed
Hypotheek & leveringsakte appartement Mortgage & deed of conveyance for apartment
Losse leveringsakte Separate deed of conveyance
Hypotheek & levering + samenlevingscontract Mortgage & conveyance + cohabitation agreement
Akte van verdeling met hypotheek Deed of distribution with mortgage
Hypotheek & levering + koopovereenkomst Mortgage & conveyance + purchase agreement
Royementsakte Discharge deed
Hypotheek & levering + samenleving + testamenten Mortgage & conveyance + cohabitation + wills
Oversluiten hypotheek Remortgaging
Heruitgifte erfpacht/ afkoop erfpacht Reissuance of leasehold/ redemption of leasehold
Heruitgifte erfpacht/ afkoop erfpacht + hypotheek Reissuance of leasehold/ redemption of leasehold + mortgage


Now that you have an understanding of the notary services, you can use the guide below to request more information and a quote for the notary service in the Netherlands you require:

Step 1:

Please note:
Requesting more information and a quotation is free of charge and without any obligation.

Click the button below to open the request option (opens in a new window).

Step 2:
Now input your postal code in the Netherlands.
(if you don’t live in the Netherlands, insert either your last known postal code, your future postal code or if you don’t know, just input 1111AA)
Then click on the orange button at the right “vind notarissen” (find notaries)
(note: unfortunately the site is not in English, but you can use google translate if required. and you can send your request in English later within the form you will be presented)

Step 3:
Remember the notary services category translation at the top of this page?
Now Click on the service/category applicable to you and you will be presented with the best/cheapest options and a price indication for that particular service.
Then click on the orange button to the right to request a free quote (this is not binding and without any obligation).